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Welcome to Equally Yoked – a program that seeks to bring understanding to the unique role marriage plays in helping us become our best selves. Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, couples share their insights into how knowing their personality traits and motivations, has helped them become more compassionate and empathetic with their spouse.

John Calvin said that “without knowledge of self, there is no knowledge of God.” Equally Yoked is a program that focuses on the 9 personality styles and motivations of the Enneagram and how marriage offers a unique opportunity to become our best selves and ultimately know God better.

Understanding our brokenness and our glory is made easier using the wisdom and teachings of the Enneagram. Equally Yoked takes an in depth look at how understanding ourselves is the best gift we can offer one another – especially in our marriages.

Marriages can often become a pattern of habitual behaviors that most of us have become numb to. The Enneagram brings light to the reasons behind why we do much of what we don’t want to do. This understanding is what Equally Yoked is all about. Join us as we listen to couples who have used the wisdom of the 9 different personality types to build better, stronger relationships.

I know of no greater gift than marriage to bring us face to face with ourselves and I know of no better tool than the Enneagram to shed light and bring understanding to the lost parts of who we’ve become. Equally Yoked takes an in depth look at this ancient wisdom and how it’s bringing true transformation to our most intimate relationships.

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